Thursday, November 12, 2009

Damn the International Break+Fabregas I love u ?@#

Life without Epl really Sucks!!!!!!.... Can't help it though.... Its like you are stuck in a big time Machine .... I hope time passes quickly.... But hope is all I can do .

Anywayz there's no significant news regarding Arsenal . However Cesc has been choose EA sports player of the month . truly deserving performance I must say. Although Van persie came in close second. Cesc has been real impressive this season with 10 assists equivalent to that of entire last season and also being regularly in the score-sheet.I think this season is being the best of Fabregas of his time at Arsenal up till now. Major credit for Fabregas's performance also goes to Alex Song.
Yes, Song has been the man who has taken the role of central defensive midfield like a child takes to his mother. I know that it's quite a drab comparison , but seriously .. he is the reason for the moves that Fabregas is making . Song has allowed Fabregas to get into attacking position .. and no one can doubt the clinicality of Fabregas's finish. At this rate no one can stop Fabregas from getting the golden boot .

This season has already seen Arsenal scoring 36 goals in 11 matches which by the way is a new record in EPL. I hope that the style of play that Arsene has taught this team with is delivered , right till the end of the season and I bet the Silverware is ours.One major concern is suitable replacement for Song. Arsenal seem to have suitable replacement.s in all positions but one and that is the CDM. Denilson has shown quite a potential and I think he can manage it , but I wont go for the Lad for the Big games . U know what I mean , also he is injured and it takes time for players to get back to their best . Diaby as u know cannot be trusted with that spot during a period what could crucial period of the season.

I sincerely hope , wish and pray that Wenger's senses prevail and he does get us a backup cdm in Janauary Transfer window during the AFC tournament....

Next match sunderland.... Cmmon U Gunners....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I m Back ..............

I am Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a long hiatus , I have finally decided to restart my blog. At first, I thought will I be able to find the time to maintain a blog , but then I thought and thought more and said What the Hack !!! :) . Let's give it a try once more.So here I am Officially starting my blog again and what better way to start then the words . Go Gunners Go.......

This is the season that will make or break the belief of the Arsenal Fans and more so importatntly that of Arsene Wenger in his policy. He has been under considerable pressure both from the media as well as the fans. Somehow the way things are goin for Arsenal this season has reminded me of the good Ole unbeaten run of 49 games. Though it might be premature on my part to talk about it at this moment.I don't know somehow I feel the way the Gunners are playing this team can go on and achieve something special in the words of Arsene Wenger.

The attacking 4-3-3 formation implied by Arsene has worked wonders and the free flowing attacking game has been a treat to watch . It's no surprise Arsenal have scored 36 goals in 11 games uptil now. Defense is still a worry for us and specially Goal keeping is what has cost golas and matches this season .Overall the balnce of the team is perfect and with good bench strength I feel this season we are definately in chance for atleast one major silverware.

The African Cup of Nations will be a problem as Song will not be available but I think Denilson can provide sufficent backup for 3-4 games in his absence . This tells u about how much improvement Song has made that Wolves were dominating in the first 20 minutes and with the introduction of Song in the game we cruised to 4-1 and as you know rest is history....

Go Gunners Go.........

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nasri debuts in Arsenal 3-1 Vfb Stuttgart + Amaury Bischoff +Bentley's gift + Goals vids

Sorry all you Gunners fan for not being able to keep you all updated in past week ,coz I had to go out away from the world of Internet and the whole experience made me realize how Fucked up one could be without it. Well leaving that apart, there has been many things happening in the world of Arsenal F.C.

Arsenal have thrashed German outfit Vfb Stutgart in their own backyard 3-1. All the 4 goals comming in the second half. The starting line up of Arsenal was containing of usual first team players with the exception of Eboue playing in the central midfield. Also Samir Nasri was given his debut for Arsenal.The subs had plenty of young and talented reserves players.


–Sagna—--–Djourou———-Gallas (c)--—-Clichy


---Van Persie—————-Adebayor----

subs: Fabianski, J.Hoyte, G.Hoyte, Lansbury, Randall, Wilshere, Vela, Ramsey, Simpson, Bendtner.

The first half was without any goals and was just like a normal pre-season game.Samir Nasri looked exciting and will be the one to watch once the season gets under way .The action started in second half with the replacement of Adebayor and Van Persie by Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela. Lukasz Fabianski came in for Almunia.Justin Hoyte came in for Djourou.The scoring for Arsenal was started by the young Mexican forward Carlos Vela.The second goal was quite an exquisite one from Nicklas Bendtner taking Khalid Boulharouz one on one and driving past the clutches of former Arsenal keeper Jens Lehman. Arsene Wenger earlier came in praising the professional attidude of the German Goalie.

Then Eboue and Samir Nasri were replaced for Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey. The third was by far the best goal of the match also of the preseason. Most of the work leading upto the goal was done by Gael Clichy dribbling pass two defenders in the box and then somehow finding the 16 year old prodigy Jack Wilshere who gave a left footed pile driver to slot the ball home. I say this lad could be next Fabregas and is defiantely in Wenger's plans. Keep a watch on him people.

Bacary Sagna was replaced by Gavin Hoyte and Walcott gave way to Mark Randall.Finally Vela and Denilson made way for Henri Lansburry and Jay Simpson.It was enough to see Arsenal secure a win against a good Bundes Liga outfit.From the look of it , the lads are seeming to be getting in the groove.Keep on scoring Gunners...
For complete match analysis by our good friend Goonertalk, Click here.

Portugese under 21 Amaury Bischoff has officially signed for the club.There were rumors that he was about to sign circulating past month.The deal has been confirmed on Arsenal's website.I think he has been unlucky with injury but has a great potential. For the Bio of the player Click here.

I would like to mention to you guys that if David Bentley signs for Spuds for £17 million transfer Arsenal are set to pocket of 50% of that amount, as per the agreement signed when he was transfered to Blackburn Rovers. Now £ 8.5 million is big money any way you see it. I think it would be interesting to see him in the North London derby.Till then Go Arsenal Go....

For the goals of the Stuttgart match and higlights:
First Half Highlights:

1-0 Stuttgart:

1-1 Vela:

1-2 Bendtner:

1-3 Wilshire: